Site Assessment

Think you’re ready to convert your free space in your Telco to a data center?  Download the site assessment to get started.

Design Concepts

Visit the reference design library to learn what data center solution is best for your business.  

Welcome to the Edge - Is your Telco Ready?

Join Schneider Electric and JSA for part 1 of our telco video series.  This on demand presentation discusses:

  • What is Edge Computing and how it is affecting Telecommunications
  • What steps are required to convert open space in a central office into a data center
  • How a data center can be used to generate a non regulated revenue stream
  • ROI calculations and the business case for investment

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Welcome to the Edge - Your Blueprint to Success

Join Schneider Electric and JSA for part 2 of our telco video series exploring the opportunity of converting the free space in your central office to a data center. This on demand presentation discusses:

  • Facility requirements needed to support the installation of a regional data center and budget pricing.
  • Review the step by step process to develop a site assessment for your facility.
  • ROI comparison of the various infrastructure solutions and service offerings.

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Case Study - Hill Country Telephone Cooperative Design Build & Data Center

To meet the immediate needs of their customers, Hill County Telephone Cooperative needed to provide data storage and turn-key solutions along with bandwidth and direct fiber connections to their new data center. They worked with Schneider Electric to build a new data center in a free standing, separate building from their headquarters that would meet all the requirements their team had put together.

View the case study.

Metro Connect Round Table

Data Center Summit: The Intersection Between Connectivity and Data Center Infrastructure 
Bank Street and Schneider Electric host a thoughtful and provocative round table discussion with some of the leading services operators in the data center ecosystem.

Moderator: Richard Lukaj, Senior Managing Director, Bank Street Holdings
Anthony Rossabi, Managing Director, SVP, Digital Realty Trust
Mike Hagan, VP of Sales, Schneider Electric
Chris Downie, Former CEO, Telx Holdings
Chris Morley, President & COO of Strategic Business Segments, Zayo Group
Kevin Bostick, CFO, 365 Data Centers.

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ITS Fiber Customer Spotlight - Business Solution

Learn how to turn the free space in your Telco facility into a revenue generating data center.  ITS Fiber is a rural Telco in Indiantown, Florida. They recently installed a data center in the free space of their central office, providing them with an additional source of revenue.

Watch the video and read the written case study to see how you can convert the free space in your central office into a revenue generating data center.

ITS Fiber Customer Spotlight - Technical Solution

ITS Fiber installed a data center in their central office. In this video Jeff Myers, Director of IT Operations, talks about the process they took to develop and operate a successful data center. This video also discusses the facility infrastructure requirements needed to support the installation of a regional data center.  

Watch the video and read the written case study.

Challenges and Solutions around Cooling Edge Data Centers

Because of their small size and diverse form factors, we’re starting to see a number of requirements emerge in terms of the cooling systems that support edge data centers.

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Blog - Why Latency is the Enemy and How Edge Computing Can Combat It

Whether it’s applications that live in the cloud or the proliferation of video, companies more than ever rely on fast, reliable network connections to keep employees productive. But applications can suffer problems when those network connections aren’t as speedy as they should be, often due not to a lack of bandwidth, but excessive network latency.

Read the blog for more information on using Edge Computing to combat latency.

Blog - How to Turn your Telco Facility into a Revenue Driving Data Center in Just Days

The transition to new technology has created open space in central offices, which is ideal for housing revenue generating data centers.  Building a data center in this unused space translates into fairly short-term ROI and creates a diverse revenue stream.

Read more in this blog post.

White Paper - The Drivers & Benefits of Edge Computing

Internet use is trending towards bandwidth-intensive content and an increasing number of attached “things”. At the same time, mobile telecom networks and data networks are converging into a cloud computing architecture. To support increased needs, computing power and storage is being inserted out on the network edge to lower data transport time and increase availability. Edge computing brings bandwidth-intensive content and latency-sensitive applications closer to the user or data source. This white paper explains the drivers of edge computing and explores the various types of edge computing.

Read the white paper.

DatacenterDynamics: Telcos: Are You Ready for the Edge?

Mark Hurley, Data Center Solution Architect at Schneider Electric, contributes a piece to DatacenterDynamics on the changes in the telco industry and how providers can meet new demand and performance challenges by repurposing whitespace into a data center.  

Read the article.

Blog - 3 Reasons Why Legacy Telco Facilities Can Make Perfect Data Centers

There are three compelling reasons why telcos make perfect data centers:

  1. They are located at the edge.
  2. They have switched from analog to digital, with connectivity included.
  3. They have central offices with tons of free space.

 Read the blog to learn more.

Data Center Resource Center

Check out the Data Center Resource Center – our new online digital library full of data center focused content to help you save money, increase efficiency and plan for the future.

This isn’t just content on our products and services, but on the data center industry as a whole – best practices, new trends and important industry info to keep your facilities running at their best.  Visit the library to access dozens of free educational resources: eBooks, infographics, videos, tip sheets, and other content created to make your life easier the next time you have a data center question.

Data Center Blog

Read the data center blog for recent posts about data center topics and trends.  Check out the blog.

The Schneider Electric blog site aims to ignite the conversation of innovative individuals to help us make the most of our energy while using less of our common planet.  It features over 350 Schneider Electric bloggers from 24 countries as well as various guest bloggers from outside the organization.  

Data Center Reference Designs

Designing and building a data center can be a headache. That’s why Schneider Electric has mapped out an easy way to plan, build and deploy a data center with Data Center Reference Designs.  Browse the Schneider Electric library of reference designs to select, compare and choose the optimal design that meets your data center needs. Watch the video to learn more.